Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Weekend over...

It's the last night of our long President's weekend. I am sitting here watching the boys finish up the Monopoly game and thinking about the progress..they are playing my piece and just sent me to jail. This cold I have had all weekend is winning right now so I am content sitting here watching for the next few turns.
We did a lot over the last few days.. Friday night we went to see the Amish Outlaws at the Parx Casino...a few firsts for me. Dinner at Chickie and Pete's.. Very good and my first first.. Then I put $5 in a slot machine and won $50..not too exciting for those of you that play often, but for me it was cool, and my second "first". Time out with good friends is always a welcome distraction from the rest of the stuff we have to do.

Laura & I at the Parx Casino for the Amish Outlaws!

Saturday we made a good start in our storage area in the basement.. Lots of things to leave the house..now to make sure they go before we re-integrate them back in to the mess! Sunday I came down with a bad cold so forward motion slowed a little.. Tom & the boys worked more on the basement...and I did a lot of sleeping. I was hoping it would make for a better Monday but I was still a little slow on Monday..but taking the small steps forward! We purged the kids rooms of their outgrown clothes..found a ton of dirty laundry to do and some other "missing" items...belts..basketball shirts..boy scout items..so all in all a good day. Tuesday we started out Visiting with Patrick's teacher..."he is very respectful... If only he could sit still...". Tell me about it! Then I paid bills...William worked on his Greek pottery project...and Patrick cleaned out under his bed. When we were done we spent the rest of the time playing a rousing game of monopoly..

It was a really nice weekend...I really enjoy spending time with my boys, even if it is doing things around the house. We ended the weekend with shamrock shakes...always good for a cold! And a favorite of William & Patrick! Thanks daddy for picking them up!

I will be doing laundry all day today..and trying to kick the rest of this cold..after all it is almost the weekend again!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Starting Fresh

A little over two years ago a series of events turned me inside out. Over the last two years I have been slowly unscrambling and I think I have finally arrived at a place where I feel better... Dare I say MUCH better. Lots of things have gotten me to this place... My kids, my amazingly patient husband and some over the top friends who stood by me no matter how ugly my life got.

Over the last few months I even found myself missing my blog.. I had stopped blogging because I felt I couldn't contribute anything positive to it anymore, but I missed it. But this morning I made donuts with my kids.. They have the day off..so we made donuts. It was an easy recipe...but they were good, and we had fun and suddenly I found myself wanting to post about it. So I am! What a perfect time for a fresh start.
Making donuts with the boys didn't get me a job or straighten up my house or stop the migraines or fix any of the other hurdles I still have to face, but it was fun and it was a positive step. So even though I realize every day will be different and some of them will be less than perfect I am going to write about them, The pretty and the not so pretty. I am excited to see where all these little steps are leading...I figure as long as my steps are forward it does not matter if they are small or large they are moving forward and that is progress. Today I leave you with my donuts, they were pretty, and easy, and yummy, a little sweet & crunchy on the outside and a little soft and salty on the inside... Just perfect!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Time

Can you believe there is only 3 days left till Santa? I keep telling the boys that we don't have long to go. Lots of fun stuff going on here. Minor setback this weekend and we had a late start getting in to the spirit of things...but I think we have found our groove. It might not be full swing this year, but we will have our fun. Lots of fun stuff planned to do with friends...and Patrick always keeps us entertained. Patrick and now Smudge. Smudge is stealing Pizza and ice cubes...running away from snowflakes and taking long naps. I am starting to look forward to the holidays...I think they will be fun! Hope everyone has a great holiday full of family and friends, and we hope to catch up with everyone in the new year! Enjoy!